COVID Surveillance Testing & Immunization Mobile Medical Unit

LHC Surveillance and Mobile Unit Team Provides

Surveillance COVID Testing

Community COVID Vaccination Drives

Rapid COVID Test results within 15 minutes

We provide these services to those insured and uninsured.

COVID-19's Disproportionate Effect on the African American and Latino-Hispanic Communities

In some cities in America, Latinos and Black Americans are dying of COVID-19 at higher rates than other Americans. Data analyzed by many researchers have confirmed that the African American and Latino-Hispanic populations have disproportionately higher rates of hospitalizations and deaths due to the disease.

As of June 2021, the CDC’s latest report states that 23% of recent vaccines were administered to Hispanics, 10% to Blacks, and 8% to Asians. We at LHC are pleased about this fact to see that our efforts are making a difference in these communities.


Community Driven

We care for all communities. Unfortunately, the Black and Brown populations have the lowest rate of being immunized against COVID. LHC focuses on educating this population about the disease and effective preventative measures to stay healthy.

Our Surveillance and Mobile Teams strive to reach beyond the barriers in targeting populations within area codes 19801, 19802, 19805, 19720.


Courtesy of Delaware's Promise Communities -

Denise Watson II is pictured in the background checking the patient’s vitals before receiving a COVID vaccine. Denise heads up LHC’s surveillance team. The team travels to various elementary schools within the Colonial School District and local communities to provide COVID testing and vaccinations.

LHC's Compassionate Medical Team Serving in the Community Vaccination Drive

Dr. Herman M. Ellis, MD, MPH, FACPM LHC Medical Director
Nurse Bessie Evans, LPN
Nurse Sharon Ferrell, CRNP, MSN, PPCNP-BC Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (left)

Nurse Kenisha Delgado, LPN (right) Motivational Life & Wellness Coach

Lead Staff of LHC Proficient Mental & Behavioral Health Observes Patients After Being Vaccinated at a Community Vaccine Drive

Norwood Coleman LCSW-S, ACSW

Clinical Manager and Coordinator of Training Activities

Shariyfa Rose, LCSW

Licensed Therapist

LHC Staff's Team Effort to Serve Our Community at a Vaccination Drive

Providing Our Community with Information About COVID

and Preventive Measures How to Stay Healthy

We keep our patients informed with updated information about health and wellness from local and federal government sites and health departments.

We collaborate with other community organizations and school districts to serve our communities.

LHC Medical Mobile Unit is Coming Soon!

Our mobility will help us to reach people who have difficulties getting to one of our medical centers. We’ll offer the same confidential and comprehensive services as we do in our medical facilities. We’re committed to serving our communities.

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